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Reading and books have been Jylene Morgan’s life work.  When she was young she was supposed to be helping clean the house.  Her mother found her curled up in a chair reading a very good book.  She shook her finger at her and told her,  “ You will never amount to a hill of beans until you learn to put down your book and work.”  Later they often laughed about that day because reading and books have been Jylene's life’s work.  


Over her decades in education, she served as a teacher and principal for hundreds of students in grades one through eight.  As director and coordinator of the library programs in Blackfoot School District in her home state of Idaho.  Jylene was instrumental in getting central libraries established in each of the elementary schools in the district.  Jylene has taught in the Title One Federal Reading Program and served with the Idaho Right to Read Program.


Although she is now retired from education,  Jylene remains passionate about teaching the importance of reading aloud to children.  She delights in telling funny stories about her family’s adventures, particularly the strange and wonderful things that happen when human and animal lives come together.  Jylene lives a loving and eventful life splitting her time between Boise, Idaho, and Playa del Rey, California.  Her active life centers around her still growing family of fifty-four children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.


BUMMER and the Nanny Goat


Jylene delights in telling funny stories about her family's adventures, particularly the strange and wonderful things that happen when human and animal lives come together.  This is one such story.


It is the adventure of an ornery old Nanny Goat, a rambunctious hungry baby bighorn, four energetic children and a novice determined mother trying to milk Nanny Goat for BUMMER.  


When the family's pet bighorn sheep, Bummer, isn't doing well, they call the vet for help. They find out they need to switch Bummer to goat's milk. Eventually deciding to buy their very own goat, everything goes fine when Dad milks the Nanny Goat.  But the day came when he was gone and Mom had to take charge.  See what lengths the family goes through to finally get that ornery old goat milked. 

The Second of a series of books about raising our Pet Bighorn Sheep release date June 1th 2021. 

Radio Interview with Delany - Jylene Morgan
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There Was a Moose on Clifford Street

A little girl named Hailey is supposed to share at school during Circle Time.  She can't find anything.  She even says, "Nothing exciting ever happens around here." Just as they are backing the car out of the driveway to go to school, the neighbor comes running down the street, shrieking "There's a MOOSE on Clifford Street."  They drive up and watch as the moose jumps a fence into a garden.  The sound of Sirens floats through the air as the policemen arrive. Now Hailey has something to share at Circle Time.

The idea of the story ”There Was A Moose on Clifford Street” started about 25 years ago when my Granddaughter Hailey came running into the Kindergarten Center where I was the Principal and said,   “Guess What Grandma, there was a moose on Clifford Street.” I told her, “Oh my word that sounds like a story."

****5 STAR REVIEW****

The first of a series of books about raising our Pet Bighorn Sheep was published on September 11th 2017.

" I stood on my tiptoes and peeked in the window. At first, all I could see was Dad kneeling in the middle of the shed looking into the corner. Then something moved.  I focused on the movement.  I sucked in my breath in astonishment and loudly whispered,  “WHAT!” That is a baby bighorn sheep!””


The book is written from my daughter’s viewpoint.   She is telling the story about the first day when her father brought BUMMER a baby bighorn sheep home to our house.


This was the first day of that long and exciting summer with Bummer, Our Pet Big Horn Sheep. 

BUMMER Our Pet Bighorn Sheep

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