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Grandma Grapes Reading Corner


Have you heard of having a "Reading Corner" in your home? You might be asking what is a reading corner, it’s a special area designed to create fun and warmth when reading aloud to your children. A reading corner can and will support your idea of reading aloud. This is a picture of my reading corner.

You might be wondering where the name Grandma Grapes Reading Corner came from.  



Jylene Morgan published her first children book in 2015, There is a Moose on Clifford Street. Then on September 11, 2017 her first in a series BUMMER Our Pet Bighorn Sheep was published.  Her latest book BUMNER and the Nanny Goat was published on 6/1/2021 and is the second of the BUMMER series..  Find out more about this book and others by clicking the Read more tab.


Jylene Morgan is passionate about reading aloud to children.  Reading aloud to children develops life long readers with a love for reading. 


"When we open a book and share our voice and imagination with a child, that child learns to see the world through someone else's eyes."   Anna Dewdney


 What books should be read aloud.  Here are reveiws on Jylene's suggested books.

Read the 5 Star Review

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