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Challenge to Parents 2015

I offer a challenge to Parents, Grand Parents, Teachers and anyone who deals with children to step up and become heroes in helping our children become proficient Readers. We all need to step back from the testing mania and connect with the real and best method of teaching reading, that method is reading itself, testing does not teach a child to read, to love reading or to become a proficient life long reader. Reading is an acquired skill. You become a better reader by reading.

A child spends 900 hours in school and 7,800 hours at home each year. If we are going to make a change in the reading proficiency of our children it has to happen in the homes. Since we the parents teach our children how to talk by talking to them doesn’t it make sense that we should teach them to love reading by reading to them

According to Jim Trelease author of “The Read-Aloud Handbook” “the seeds of reading and school success (or failure) are sown in the home, long before the child ever arrives at school.”

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