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BUMMER Has a New Look

It was early in the new year 2023, I was running out of copies of my book BUMMER Our Pet Bighorn Sheep. I wanted a fresh look on the cover of the book before I placed the order.

About this time I was talking on the phone with my son. Jay P. and I were telling that I was never happy with the old cover. It was not colorful enough and BUMMER didn’t have any personality. I told him that I was looking for someone who could design a new cover. JayP is a commercial photographer and was teaching a photography class at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut Creek, CA. He said, “Hey, one of my colleagues at the college teaches an Illustrating class. I will ask him if he could announce to his class that you are looking for an illustrator for the cover of your book”.

It wasn’t long until I began to receive email samples of drawings from some of the students. I checked each email and knew in an instant they were not right. I would say...

“No that won’t work.”

“No that isn’t what I am looking for.”

Then one morning I sat down at my computer and received drawings from a student named Sean Sagarra. I said to myself,

“There they are, just the right illustrations.” I called Sean and that was the beginning of our working relationship.

The new cover is ready and I will be taking the book BUMMER our Pet Bighorn Sheep, in it’s new cover, along with my other three books, to The Los Angeles Festival of Books. April 22 & 23th, 2023.

Sean Segarra is a Los Angeles-based Freelance Illustrator and Visual Development Artist who loves to design, draw characters, and backgrounds and has a passion for storytelling. He is pursuing a fine arts degree at Mt. San Antonio College. Segarra has showcased his artworks at The Diana Berger Gallery. In 2021, he received a runner-up award at Mt. San Antonio College’s ImagineFest Media Arts Festival. A year later, he was awarded 1st Place College Jury at the same event.

Now he gets to add Children’s Book Illustrator to this bio.

Notes about me:

Jylene Morgan is a retired educator. She is passionate about the importance of reading aloud to children from top quality children’s books. Writing about her life experiences she captivates her audience by telling the tales of her family’s adventures. The first several books are written about funny exchanges that occur when human and wild animal’s lives come together.

To read more about me, my passion for reading aloud to children and my books go to Make sure you join our mailing list so you receive Jylene's "Most Treasured Books List". Books by Jylene Morgan are available fully distributed, check out your local book store, Amazon, or

This Picture is of Jylene at the LA Times in 2018 supported by her sons and granddaughter.


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