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Read to Children long after they can read

Lets continue to talk about why it is important to read to your children and why it is important to read to them long after they are able to read the books themselves. I will be taking some of my thoughts from Jim Trelease’ book “The Read-Aloud Handbook”. I encourage all you parents to buy his book and use it to help you motivate your children to become life long readers.

Parents you are the key to rather or not your children become successful life long readers not just school readers. The process of helping children to develop a love of reading must start on the parents laps and this process must start when they are infants.

Jim Trelease states in his book “ The Read-Aloud Handbook.”

……blames teachers for just about everything wrong in schooling,

research shows that the seeds of reading and school success

(or failure) are sown in the home, long before the child ever arrives

at school. (based on Morrow, “Home and School Correlates of Early

Interest in Literature,” Journal of Educational Research, April 1983.

Early Interest in Literature, Journal of Educational Research, April


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