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The 4th of July weekend is here. What are your plans for the 4th? Are you going to stay home and relax and maybe watch some fire works? Are you going to go on a short trip or maybe start a long trip? Whatever your plans don't forget to make time to read-aloud to your children during quiet times and bed times. If You are going on a trip you could put together a kit for each child to hold their journal, pencil, magic marker, map, ect. A good souvenir could be a picture book about the area or some attraction in the area that you are visiting. (Check the book out before you buy. See if the writing flows when you read it. Check and see if the interest level is right for your children.)

Suggested Read-aloud Picture Books

TIME OF WONDER By Robert McCloskey (Caldecott Medal winner 1958)

This is a story about A Summer spent on the Islands around Maine on the East Coast of the United States. This is a classic book that tells about daily living on the Island. Everything that he finds beautiful on the Island and getting ready for a hurricane that blows in. It is full of vocabulary that deals with the ocean. At the ending of the book he talks about "It is a time of quiet wonder" You could use this phrase as you travel: I wonder...

CRAB MOON By Ruth Horowitz

This is a story about Daniel seeing the extraordinary sight of hundreds of Horseshoe Crabs spawning on the beach on a June night. The next day he sees a lone crab marooned on the sand. can he save it? This book also

has vocabulary about the ocean.

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