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It was raining when I sarted this blog, a little bit cold outside and the sky was gray without any sunshine showing through. Fall weather is turning into winter weather. What a wonderful time to set the precedence of finding special times to read, enjoy and discuss the book you have chosen. When you are reading a book that speaks to your heart and impacts your life. Take the time to read quotes, parts of the book and discuss the special parts of the book with your children.

Do you remember Capt Sully who landed flight 1549 on the Hudson River January 15, 2009. I have just finished reading the book "Highest Duty: My Search For What Really Matters" written by Capt Chesley Sullenberg with Jeffrey Zaslow. The book is written about Sully's early life, his preparedness and values in life that helped him to be able to successfully land flight 1549 on the Hudson River.

Quote from the book, 'Everyone we've ever known and loved, every experience we've had, every decision we've made, every regret we have had to deal with and accept--these are what make us who we are." This quote or other quotes from the books you read could be used for family discussions with your children. After reading this book I decided to introduce some books that help children read about characters that have faced problems, and grown from working through these problems.

The Hatchet Written by Gary Paulsen

This is a survival story of Thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson who was on his way to visit his Fathern in Canada. His mother gives him a hatchet when he leaves. The plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness and the pilot dies. Brian is left to survive in the wilderness with nothing more than the Hatchet. This is the exciting story of Brian's survival.

The Bridge to Terabithia Written by Katherine Paterson

Jess is a runner. He beats everyone in the 5th grade. Then Leslie a new girl moves in and s is a runner. She beats Jess. Eventually they become friends and they create terabithia there secret kingdom. They spend special time in their kingdom and their friendship grows. Jess's friendship with Leslie & her world of Imagination and learning changes him forever and enables him to cope with unexpected tragedy.

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