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LA Times Book Fest

We just spent two fun-filled, exciting and yet exhausting days (April 21 & April 22) at the LA Times Book Festival, one of the largest in the United States. The reason it was so much fun is because of the fantastic team of people helping me.

My two Sons Jay P. and Kelly, their wives Julene and Lee’Dya, Grand daughter Kyana, friend Peggy and LeeDya’s mother Veronica.

We had a small booth that was filled with a big horn sheep from the taxidermy shop, people getting pictures with the bighorn, signing the books and getting the bighorn sheep horns on both children and adults alike.

The most exciting part of all this were the bighorn sheep horns. Let me back track and tell you how they came about. My Team and I had a conference call to make plans about the booth at the festival. My daughter-in-law came up with the idea of a headband with bighorn sheep horns. By the time the meeting was over she had them designed, and we were off and running.

Those headband sheep horns were a hit at the Book fest. Everywhere you looked you could see the horns bobbing along through the crowd. We had people coming up to the booth and making comments such as, “This is where you can get the sheep horns. I have to have a pair.” There was a lady probably in her seventies that showed up when we were opening up the booth on the second day. She wanted a set of horns.

I will tell you more about the festival the next time I Post.

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